Company vision, mission statement and company values

Company Vision

We want to be the most appealing partner for label solutions on the European market.

Mission statement

We aim to be of value to our customers by generating efficient and unique labeling solutions through the chain of values. We are dedicated people who take pride in using our skills of engagement and creativity to actively solve even the toughest challenges.

Company values


We focus on finding solutions and seeing possibilities rather than limitations.
We are flexible and adapt to the demands of our customers.


We will always develop and improve our skills and solutions.
We are prepared to face chances, and we are ready to challenge the existing conditions


We are motivated and engage actively with our tasks.
We contribute to creating a good working atmosphere– both among colleagues and with our customers

Limo Labels A/S
Limo Labels A/S

Respect and decency

We respect processes, human beings and agreements.
We care about the environment and what we leave behind for the next generations.

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