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RFID is short for Radio Frequency Identification – a technology using small computer circuits to track one or more items at a distance.

Your advantages

  1. Robbery safeguard.
  2. Realtime stock: 100 % correct stock – at ALL times.
  3. Counterfeit – a unique way to individualize and secure ones brand.
  4. Payment systems – bracelets: A simple method of payment with the possibility to interact with the individual user.
  5. Data: The product contains significant more information than the traditional bar codes.
  6. Automatic scanning: Eliminates human errors and is more efficient.

Every circuit is connected to an antenna. Once the antenna is affected by a reading unity, electromagnetic energy is released, and the RFIF label will be sending its unique information which is stored in the circuit.

In this way it is possible to receive information from the RFID-marked unities, which are in the area without physical contact. Can be used profitably for track and trace systems. RFID is the modern bar code system.


Franz Müller Key Account Manager & Product Manager (RFID)

Please contact us for further information. Franz is one of our specialists within RFID-solutions.