VMI means Vendor Managed Inventory.

The principle behind it is that Limo Labels handle your label production by scheduling and executing rounds of production according to your forecasts, and the labels are subsequently stored at the Limo Labels warehouse. This means several advantages for you i.e. short delivery times, low production costs thanks to the larger quantities, as well as adaption to the real-time consumption and hereby minimization of scrap.

Your advantages

  1. Short delivery times – as low as a few days for stock items.
  2. Proactive stock-control by Limo Labels – adapted to your volumes.
  3. Beneficial quantity-management as we produce in larger numbers (subject to prior agreement).
  4. The production volume is consistently optimized to suit your consumption/forecasts.
  5. Minimal time-consumption for you, as Limo Labels handle everything, ranging from assessment of order quantities, stock of labels, shipment etc.
  6. Payment is only due, once the items come out of the Limo stockage, thus protecting your liquidity.
  7. Global delivery – also to several addresses from the same stockage.

Limo Labels offers automized VMI-solutions, so you will only need to define the rules for production and allow us access to your forecasts. Limo Labels will take care of everything else.

Remember: No orders will be started without prior agreement!

Limo Labels A/S


Henrik Ehlers Sales Manager Key Accounts

Please contact us for further information. Henrik is one of our specialists within the area of VMI-solutions.