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Limo Labels is one of only a handful of companies in Europe that has continued making use of the traditional style of serigraphy technology.

Serigraphy is also referred to as silk-printing or frame-printing. It is a type of pressure-printing that originates from China, where early users would cut out to templates and use hair to glue them together.

Your advantages

  1. Using this type of technology creates the ideal conditions for resistance towards exterior influences, enables full colour coverage and ideal lightfastness.
  2. Serigraphy is used for labels meant for challenging environments .
  3. Weatherproof labels meant for outdoor usage.
  4. Product-labelling of chemicals.
  5. Labels that are required to be particularly durable.
  6. We offer UL-approved labels with documented certification.
  7. The option to choose foil-stamping.

A serigraphic frame comprises a frame, over which a finally woven cloth has been strapped, in a similar fashion to a painting canvas. The cloth is covered closely by coating except for in those areas, through which the colour ought to soak.

The advantage to using serigraphic is the ability to use very durable materials. It is thus often used for road signs, printed circuits, textiles and billboards. It is also used industrially for curved surfaces such as glass bottles, shampoo containers, etc.


Marianne Søegaard Sales & Marketing Manager

Please contact us for further information. Marianne is one of our specialists within the area of serigraphy.