RFID is short for Radio Frequency Identification – a technology using small computer circuits to track one or more items at a distance.

Your advantages

  1. Extended data storage compared to conventional barcodes
  2. Direct line-of-sight not needed when scanning
  3. Manual processes eliminated and the margin of errors is significantly reduced
  4. Real-time inventory
  5. Optimization of entire supply chain
  6. Tracking of misplaced goods
  7. Optimized integration of on-line and in-store
  8. Reduces customer calls significantly. Saves time and money and increase customer satisfaction
  9. Integration with payment systems and wristbands

Every circuit is connected to an antenna. Once the antenna is affected by a reading unity, electromagnetic energy is released, and the RFIF label will be sending its unique information which is stored in the circuit.
In this way it is possible to receive information from the RFID-marked unities, which are in the area without physical contact. Can be used profitably for track and trace systems. RFID is the modern bar code system.
Limo Labels A/S are RFID-label specialists with many years of experience, know-how and dedicated people and equipment offering:
– Standard and customized RFID-labels
– Special solutions made to your specifications including unique label formats and materials with
embedded RFID chips and antennas
– Total RFID solutions or RFID-labels only
– Printing and programming service
– Partnerships


Palle Jespersen Consultant

Please contact us for further information. Palle is our UK-based RFID-label specialist.