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We offer a wide range of transfer printers, Novexx and CAB, which cater for all the demands for printers, ranging from small desktop printers to industrial printers.

We offer Novexx with their professional “Near Edge” 64-0x printer and the new “Flat Head” XLP50x series.
We also offer CAB with their new Squix series with a range of connectivity options connection as well as their new Eos1 series. Both printers allow for user-friendly operation via a “Touch Screen”.

Your advantages

  1. High-quality print.
  2. Very reliable transfer printers.
  3. Adaptability that suits all types of tasks.
  4. Professional guidance.
  5. We offer you a test mounting in order to show you the properties of the printer.
  6. We have a service department, which offers you a service agreement.

Limo Labels distributes the NiceLabel software used for designing and printing your own labels. The complex NiceLabel program includes three solutions – Designers & Desktop Solutions, Label Management System and Label Cloud. Of course, we distribute all three solutions.

With the newest update, the software has become even easier to use, resulting in simple label design. In combination with our large label assortment and printer range, we are now able to offer a complete solution and we further offer customised unprinted labels that can be printed with NiceLabel according to customer wishes.

We also offer the AgriLabel System for producers of seed and potato plants, who are obliged to report their productions levels to the National Agricultural Department.

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Hans Jørgen Schou Key Account Manager & Product Manager Labelling, Printer & Ribbon

Please contact us for further information. Hans Jørgen is our specialist within the area of printers and software.