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POD – with or without a fixed price agreement

Why would you try to save 5% on the cost of a label, when you could save 30% on the overall your costs of a label solution?

POD means Print On Demand. The principle is that Limo Labels produce exactly what you need at any given time. Just place an order with us to match the quantities of what you have sold to your customer.

Your advantages

  1. Short time between order and delivery – as low as a couple of days.
  2. An option to have fixed prices, regardless of quantities, to ensure a uniform pricing for your labels and by this making your pricing process easier.
  3. Automation ensures simple and more secure handling of printing files and order dates.
  4. Avoiding having to build up your own stock and thus reducing the risk of scrap.
  5. Simplified processing and ordering ensure that only limited amount of time is spent of the placing of orders and the handling of labels in stock and production team.
  6. In addition to lowering the cost of your label, the overall total expenditure can also be reduced by up to 30%.

Is it difficult for you to forecast your label requirements, or is there a risk that you will have to scrap goods in stock? Or have had to order more labels than you needed, just in order to get a reasonable price?
Then the Limo POD-concept is your solution.

Short delivery times also mean that you do not have to built up a stock, reducing the risk of having to scrap your labels, if the information that they hold becomes redundant. And we offer all of this at a fixed price – no matter the quantities!


Henrik Ehlers Sales Manager Key Accounts

Please contact us for further information. Henrik is one of our specialists within the area of POD-solutions.