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Pharma labels are characterized by the demands which are specific to the Pharma industry.

Your advantages

  1. We have several years of experience with the production of labels for the Pharma industry and machinery with a large capacity that caters for different needs.
  2. We are ISO 9001, - ISO 14001- and FSC-certified. We operate according to GMP, and QA/QC is an integrated part of our workflow. With Eye-C control and vision we ensure that the labels adhere to current specifications.
  3. Furthermore, we are the approved supplier for a range of Pharma customers.
  4. We operate a unique label-numbering system, equipment for vision and with a 100% inspection of the labels.
  5. We offer a wide range of products related to the Pharma industry, including booklets and sealing labels.
  6. We offer concept boards for Print on Demand solutions, which are automized solutions with a focus on elimination of errors.

Summary of service:

- Certified according to ISO 901 and ISO 14001
- We operate from facilities that support the production of labels to the Pharma industry.
- 100% control of labels by means of vision equipment
- A unique numbering-system that enables identification of each individual label

Pharma labels


Franz Müller Key Account Manager & Product Manager RFID

Please contact us for further information. Franz is one of our specialists within the area of solutions for the Pharma industry.