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All about your labels online

Limo Labels is proud to introduce LabelNET, which is a unique platform for all our customers.

Here you will find all the information about your labels.
At the same time, you can access an overview of all your orders and you can check for delivery details in real-time.

Your advantages

  1. Specifications for your labels are available online.
  2. You can view the PDF files of printed versions and labels in proof.
  3. You can place orders directly in LabelNET.
  4. You can order standard products from the Limo stock-range.
  5. You can view orders and search for pending deliveries.
  6. Extended search facilities and ease of use makes your work easier.

LabelNET also allows you the opportunity to order labels directly, and we will always confirm your order before production commences.

Additionally, Limo Labels offer a wide range of standard goods, which are also available to order online.

LabelNET was introduced in the beginning of 2019 and is continuously being developed with even more functionality and more solutions that makes your daily work easier.


Henrik Ehlers Sales Manager Key Acoounts

Please contact us for further information. Henrik is one of our experts within the area of LabelNET.