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Kanban (minimum – maximum stock system)

Kanban is for the customer, who wants fixed, low prices with fast delivery times.

Kanban stock is an extremely efficient solution, combining short delivery times with competitive prices, minimizing processing time for our customers.

Your advantages

  1. Short delivery times– as low as a few days for stock-items.
  2. Fixed, low prices – regardless of the quantities that need producing .
  3. Good quantity-management as we produce in large numbers (subject to prior agreement).
  4. Prior agreement about maximum quantities, minimizing the risk of scrap.
  5. Limo Labels guarantees that the stockage is always available.
  6. Minimal time-consumption for you. You only need to place orders to match your demand.
  7. Payment is only due, once the items come out of the Limo stockage, thus protecting your liquidity.
  8. Global delivery – also to several addresses from the same stockage.

Kanban is a concept developed in Japan, and it means that new production commences only, when the stock reaches a certain level. I.e. a maximum/minimum stock level, and fixed prices are agreed in advance. From that point and onwards, Limo Labels takes charge of all tasks. You are only required to place an order.

An essential advantage is that a fixed price of the label is agreed in advance, so you always know the exact price of the label, and thus avoid having to make price adjustments.

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Henrik Ehlers Sales Manager Key Accounts

Please contact us for further information. Henrik is one of our experts within the area of stock solutions.