Hidden Label Hidden Label

Hidden Label

Today labels often need to contain many pieces of information e.g. marketing, logo, specifications, etc.
Typically, there is limited space on the label, so it requires creative thinking.

Hidden Label is creative thinking

Ideas for Hidden Label

  1. Eye catching: The hidden element is a sticker, that enables the buyer to paste the label with the colorful side outwards. The inside contains a piece of art, which the buyer can reattach and save or put on the bottle Create the opposite effect of your brand so the buyer should look after the known brand.
  2. Coming alive: With the opportunity to add a digital dimension to collection marks by the use of augmented reality (AR). The digital aspect holds the potential to create a community. For example by displaying data about those who collect the gimmicks.
  3. Making memories: The inside could contain starter cards for networking at conferences and fairs. Or the inside could contain practical information or a drinks ticket at festivals or other events.

Hidden Label contains two labels: a wrap-around label and a sticker label. The sticker label hides underneath the wrap-around label. The sticker label is hidden for the user until the wrap-around label is opened.
Hiddel Label is a unique opportunity to add value to the product without affecting the visual look of the label.
Hidden Label is a patent protected solution which Limo holds the rights to use. The patent-protected solution is specified to place a sticker label on the inside of the wrap-around label.


Palle Jespersen Consultant

Please contact us for further information. Palle is one of our specialists within the area of Hidden Labels