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Flexo is a printing method, which uses a type of liquid color that dries by means of evaporation, which sees the color transferred by a form of rubber press.

Your advantages

  1. Large capacity – we have +20 Flexo machines ready to print your labels.
  2. A range of machinery with large variety in equipment – “No job is too big for us”.
  3. In-depth knowledge of printing in water colors.
  4. A large number of options for special creations, effects and varnish.
  5. Special labels with custom-made functionality such as multi-ply, glue side, coupon and EDP labels.
  6. Options for combining Flexo printing with digital or serigraphy printing.

When printing with Flexo, the colors can be based on water, UV or dissolvent.

Flexo printing is increasingly taking over the jobs which were formerly made in offset. This printing method is used for all types of labels.

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Thue Kryger Foged Sales Manager for Partners

Please contact us for further information. Thue is one of our experts within the area of Flexo printing solutions.