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Dispensers & Systems

We supply HERMA label dispensers and systems as well as Novexx Print & Apply systems.

HERMA produces the best label dispensers on the market, designed to be adaptable to any kind of dispensing function..

Your advantages:

  1. High dispensing accuracy.
  2. HERMA dispensers are very reliable in operation.
  3. Can be adapted to any job.
  4. FS03 label sensor for any kind of label.
  5. User-friendly “Touch screen”.
  6. Professional technical consultation.
  7. We offer a free set-up in order to show you the properties of the label dispenser.
  8. Our service department is at your service and offers a maintenance contract.

Properties such as speed, precision, user friendliness and reliability are second to none.

The HERMA 500, also named a “one for all” is, as standard, supplied with servo-motor and in protection level IP66. Relief of all kinds of label materials such as paper, plastic and metal is made easy by the use of the unique FS03 label sensor.

The Novexx ALX 92x Print and Apply labelling system for inline 1:1 application makes it possible to print, dispense and affix the label on the product in one procedure without any use of an applicator.

The Blow On (LA-BO), Swing on (LA-SO) or Tamp On (LA-TO) applicator can be used together with the labelling systems for particularly demanding applications.



Hans Jørgen Schou Key Account Manager & Product Manager Labelling, Printer & Ribbon

Please contact us for further information. Hans Jørgen is our specialist within dispensers and systems.