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Digital Print

Digital Print refers to methods for printing from a digital picture directly into a number of media formats.

Your advantages

  1. As we equally have in-house access to a range of traditional printing processes, we can assess specifically which types of tasks that are suitable for production via digital print – taking into account considerations over both cost and quality.
  2. Our machinery caters for large-capacity digital printing.
  3. Our machinery caters for wide-ranging requirements across various types of printing technologies and the related equipment.
  4. We have extensive experience in managing the integration of digital print in concepts for optimizing workflows – please check the tab “concepts” for further introduction.

The biggest difference between digital printing and traditional methods such as flexographic printing, gravure or letterpress printing is that, in digital printing, there is no need to exchange cores. Digital printing thus enables faster mounting and benefits from a lower cost of tools.

Digital printing also makes on-demand printing possible, has a short conversion time and even offers the change of the picture (variable specifications) for every print.

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Kristian Bjørn Bay-Smidt Key Account Manager

Please contact us for further information. Kristian is one of our experts within the area of digital solutions.