Customized solutions

Why would you try to save 5% on the cost of a label, when you could save 30% on the overall costs of a label solution?

Over the course of time, Limo Labels has delivered many unique solutions for customers with special demands.

In order to cater for such demands, we don’t just look at the printing process, materials and what else is needed in order to create the best possible label. We think of the whole process from demand to the delivery of the labels, because that is how we can ensure the most rewarding customer experience.

Ideas for improvements

  1. Eliminate unnecessary stock expenses and the risk of having to scrap labels.
  2. Eliminate difficult and time- consuming processes, which increase the cost of your products or extent your delivery time.
  3. Minimize the risk of incorrect and wrong/outdated information on labels.
  4. Improve your possibilities within the market.
  5. Minimize time and risk by i.e. pilot projects and testing of products in shops.
  6. We want to be challenged! What are your challenges for us?

Here are some examples:

We have brought down label stock levels worth millions and managed to reduce the time of delivery to 36 hours including delivery to Eastern Europe.

We have integrated the production of labels with the customers webshop and increased our customers’ sales levels.

We have automated and optimized the productions processes, bringing down both the expenses that our customers incur, and the time that they spend on the ordering process.

We want to be challenged! What are your challenges for us?


Henrik Styven Ehlers Sales Manager Key Accounts

You are always welcome to contact us for further information. Henrik is one of our specialists in finding solutions.