Special solutions


Limo Labels offers the latest technology in Braille printing on all types of labels.

Braille consists of 6 sensitive dots that can be combined into letters, numbers and meanings that is readable with your fingers.
Legislation requires that f.inst. pharmaceutical packaging displays Braille, so blind and visually impaired can read about the content. Limo Labels can help you to ensure that you comply with the latest labeling legislation.

Labels hidden in wrap-around

In a joint venture with one of the biggest producers of soft drinks, Limo Labels has developed a type of label, which can be applied to the inside of the standard labels of the bottles. This new type of label was first used for bottles during the UEFA European Football Championship in France in 2016 and most recently during the World Cup in Russia in 2018.

This labelling method is trademark-protected, which means that we hold the exclusive right to offer this solution to new customers and other types of promotional initiatives.

At Limo Labels we offer to deliver the finished products with the labels already applied by means of wrap-around application. Alternatively, we can also take charge of the production of the label and the application of the customer’s wrap-around content.

Labels with 3D-effects

In joining forces with one of our partners, Limo Labels is able to offer labels with 3D-effects.

This type of label is completely unique and trademark-protected. This type of label would be the obvious choice within the areas of security and marketing. Within security, it allows for a unique manner of identification, which cannot be replicated. Within marketing, the 3D-effect can grab the attention of the by-passer when it is applied to a product that is stood on a shelf amongst other products.


Marianne Søegaard Sales & Marketing Manager

Please contact us for further information. Marianne is one of our specialists in special solutions.