Booklet / Multi-Layer

Multi-layered labels describe the method in which you layer the labels on top of each other with a glue so that the label becomes reopenable.

In principle, the individual labels are produced independently of each other and subsequently layered. This means a big flexibility as regards design and structure.

Your advantages

  1. Minimize the amount of product variations – for products with many variants (i.e. variants in languages) you can allow for all the variations within the same label and thereby minimize the number of products.
  2. Promotion – the product is easy to use for promotional purpose. You open the label and find a new piece of information. When used for special promotions, you can combine it with variable print options.
  3. User guidance– this can be integrated in the label, which makes it accessible, whenever you need it. There are nearly limitless possibilities with the use of this technique.
  4. We offer a wide range of products within the area of multi-layered printing and we are therefore able to cater for any solution to suit the most complex demands.
  5. We have many years of experience within the production of multi-layered labels and advanced machinery that caters for large capacity printing and complex requirements.

A booklet is a variant where the interlayered pages are produced without glue, organized as a small book.

Multi-layered labels and booklets are often used for physical products with limited space for the necessary product information, or for products where you wish to minimize the size of the label for design considerations.


Marianne Søegaard Sales & Marketing Manager

Please contact us for further information. Marianne is one of our specialists within the area of booklets and multi-layered labels.