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Print & Apply labelling

Thanks to extensive knowhow, HERMA offers a completely sustainable labelling system with label material without backing paper.
The label is printed, cut, activated and applied with HERMA InNo-Liner.

The all-new HERMA InNo-Liner system is the result of the revolutionary development from HERMA, leading within production of self-adhesive adhesives/materials based on multilayer technology.

The advanced technique requires simultaneous application of two adhesive layers. The 82S adhesive is not active from the beginning. The adhesive is activated within a fraction of a second with water and as the label is produced, it immediately transforms into a permanent adhesive.

The material offers complete process reliability. Its stability has been verified both in the climate lab and with practical pressure and handling tests.

With the HERMA InNo-Liner you’ll get:

  • Labelling system for printing with transfer foil or thermo directly on pre-printed labels.
  • Cutting technique with a lifespan of millions of cutting cycles and simple blade replacement.
  • Secure application with vacuum applicator with application roller and integrated sensor for automatic carton height detection.
  • Uniform and persistent adhesion with adhesive 82S.
  • Extremely low water consumption


Please contact  our specialist within the area of HERMA equipment.

Hans Jørgen Schou

Key Account Manager & Product Manager Labelling, Printer & Ribbon.

Tlf.: +45 40 82 09 03