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Is your company ready for the new EEU directive: Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)?

From February 2019, every manufacturer within the health sector is obliged to observe the directive about fake medicine passed by the European Commission.

What does FMD mean to your company?

The directive states that your company is obliged to introduce new security features regarding the packaging of pharmaceutical products in order to validate the originality of the product ahead of a purchase by a customer.

At the same time, FMD is an opportunity for you to bring attention to your brand. We consider the new FMD directive to be a chance to improve the way in which the end user experiences your products. A higher level of security is equal to extended trust, when your products are being purchased and used.

Effective labelling adapted to your existing production.

Your company needs solutions, which are simple and effective as regards logistics, price and quality. Our ambition is, through dialogue and co-operation, to find solutions ,which can easily be adapted to your existing chain of values, making your products ready for FMD.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch– we are here to help.