Limo Labels A/S Customer support Limo Labels A/S Customer support

Customer Support

We believe that dialogue with you is the best toot to use to fulfill your demand for labels. And this is our primary job in the contact with our customers.

The sales persons at Limo Labels will discuss any job with you.

Large or small numbers – new or existing customers – no matter what we will make sure that you get the right label.

At Limo Labels we are happy to advice you. For new orders for labels we are prepared to have a dialogue about the design and colour of the label, the material upon which the label should be affixed, the use of the label and about how the label in general is meant to suit your production. We keep ourselves updated currently, so we can offer you the most modern and effective solution.


Total digital overview of orders, productions and track and trace for orders in progress.

LabelNET is our digital Customer Support. On this platform you can search for any information you need as regards reorders and new productions. With LabelNET you can order your labels whenever you want to, we will take care that the labels are ready and will be delivered when you need them.

Limo Labels Customer Support is ready to help you.

Limo Labels A/S Customer Support

Just send us your email-address, and we will contact you as soon as possible.