How to choose the right label

When orderings labels a number of things has to be considered before you select your type of label.

At the same moment we receive your call we are already working for the correct solution for you.

Limo Labels A/S

Every type of label has totally specific demands: durability, the composition of colours, the environment of the affixing place, the size and the materials.

No matter which kind of label you are in demand for a number of possible solutions for exactly your demand are available.

In order to simplify the process for you, we ask you to consider the following points regarding the label:

  1. The size of the label.
  2. The number of labels you need.
  3. Is the label for indoor or outdoor use?
  4. On which kind of surface is the label to be placed?
  5. Skal etiketten være i papir eller folie?

Regarding the environment and the use of the label

  1. How long do you expect the life of the label to last?
  2. Does the label have to be removeable?
  3. Should the label be affixed by hand or by a machine?
  4. How many colours are there in the design?
  5. Should the labels be delivered in rolls or sheets?

Our Limo Labels Customer Support Department will contact you

Limo Labels Customer Support

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