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Limo Labels is UL approved
ISO and FSC certified

We also fulfill selected parts of the ISO-IATF16949 standard

Care & Quality

LIMO LABELS has always focused on quality, environmental and social responsibility.

Our focus on quality, environmental and social responsibility is well-reflected in our active support of the Danish Cancer Society and Children’s Fund, as well as larger perspectives that are fundamental to our daily work.
We have gathered this entire area under one common name – Care & Quality.
What does all of this mean to you?
Our concern for Care & Quality is not for our own sake only – it is far more important that it is of value to our customers. LIMO LABELS Care & Quality assures our customers collaboration with a partner in control of their processes and willing to optimize production in terms of efficiency, quality, and environment – all of which strengthens our customers on those exact same values.
Below are listed some of the areas with which LIMO LABELS is actively working:
• ISO 9001:2008 (Implemented 2004)
• ISO 14001:2004 (Implemented 2009)
• UL approval: Materials and printing
• AAA Rating (2008/09/10/11/12/13/14/15)
• IATF16949: Working with selected parts that make sense to our customers and LIMO LABELS
• FSC certified 2012 as the first company in Scandinavia
• LEAN: Working actively with LEAN since 2004

Environmental fee

Limo Labels has continuously focus on environmental improvements.

Our ISO 14001 environmental certification ensures that we work actively on improving the environmental surroundings by currently implementing environmental improvements in our production and processes. Consequently we are FSC certified with focus on environmental responsibility. The FSC mark assures that forests are run environmentally sustainable. Our environmental fee is a contribution to some of the expenses that we have for removal of waste and continuous environmental improvements. Limo Labels complies with all existing laws and precepts concerning the environmental surroundings.

FSC-certified ®

The most environmentally friendly label supplier of Scandinavia – we are taking the lead of environmentally friendly label solutions.

As the most environmentally friendly label supplier in the Nordic countries Limo Labels is in the lead as regards environmentally friendly solutions.
Together with our raw material suppliers we have developed new solutions meaning that not only the label itself is FSC-certified, but also the back paper.
We were the first FSC-certified label supplier in Scandinavia and have been ISO 14001 certified since 2009 (environmental certification)
We are suppliers of eco-friendly label solutions, including compostable labels.

UL - Approved

UL-Approval – for your security

As an UL-approved company Limo Labels is authorized to provide labels for electrical appliances exported to the North American market, where labels and appliances must obtain UL-approval.
In order to achieve a UL-certification for a label, both raw materials and the label printing company must be UL-approved. Compliance with this requirement saves time and money for customers, relieving them from the subsequent task of having labels approved by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
LIMO LABELS is approved by UL in the USA (UL file No. MH29311), meaning that we are subject to inspections by UL. Regular inspections ensure that LIMO LABELS continues to meet UL requirements.
The thermo transfer foil used in thermo printers must also be certified together with the raw material of the label. LIMO LABELS offers a wide selection of approved labels and corresponding foils for all brands of printers.
All approved materials are tested in the UL laboratory where they are subject to various tests, including heat, cold, liquid baths, UV lighting etc. to ensure the sustainability of materials, adhesive and print.
For more information, see:
LIMO LABELS A/S has the following approvals:
• PGAA: Manufacturer of UL labels
• PGDQ2/PGDQ8: Provision of printed labels
• PGJI2/PGJI8: Provision of UL labels intended to be printed by end product manufacturers


Charlotte Møldrup Quality manager

If you have any questions regarding our certificates or safety procedures, please do not hesitate to contact Charlotte. She is at you service for any questions regarding certification and quality guarantees for label solutions.