Limo Labels A/S Limo Labels A/S

We have expanded and we are more experienced and more flexible than ever.

We are the largest privately owned manufacturer of labels in Denmark, and we are among the largest and leading producers of labels in Scandinavia.

Who is Limo Labels?

  1. 4 companies merged in 2015 with a total of approximately 135 employees.
  2. 2 production units in Stevnstrup and Birkerød respectively.
  3. We are ISO-9001, 14001, FSC and UL-certified.
  4. We offer a world-wide delivery service and we have a production capacity of 3 milliards of labels annually.

At Limo Labels we are driven by the prospect of being able to offer you just the right label solution. The demands of our customers are the basis on which we focus our efforts. We are more than an ordinary label printing company, as our setup makes it possible for us to meet each and every type of demand from our customers.

Our solutions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Any kind of printing technology.
  2. Printing of RFID solutions.
  3. Flexible stock- and logistics solutions.
  4. Print-on-demand
  5. LabelNET
  6. Sale of thermotransfer foil, printers, dispensers and other equipment.

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Limo Labels A/S

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