LIMO LABELS’ UL-certification – your guaratee!


As a UL-certified company, LIMO LABELS is authorized to provide labels for electrical appliances exported to the North American market, where labels and appliances must obtain UL-approval.

In order for a label to achieve UL-certification, both raw materials and the label printing company must be UL-approved. Compliance with this requirement saves time and money for customers, relieving them from the subsequent task of having labels approved by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

LIMO LABELS is approved by UL in the USA (UL file No. MH29311), meaning that we are subject to inspections by UL International Demko A/S, representing UL in Denmark. Regular inspections ensure that LIMO LABELS continues to meet UL requirements.

The thermo transfer foil used in thermo printers must also be certified. LIMO LABELS offers a wide selection of approved labels and corresponding foils for all brands of printers.

All approved materials are tested in the UL laboratory where they are subject to various tests, including heat, cold, liquid baths, UV lighting etc. to ensure the sustainability of materials, adhesive and print.

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LIMO LABELS A/S has the following approvals:

  • PGAA:
    Manufacturer of UL labels
  • PGDQ2:
    Provision of printed labels
  • PGJI2:
    Provision of UL labels intended to be printed by end product manufacturers