LIMO LABELS produces transfer ribbons for all types of thermo transfer printers

Transfer ribbons

We produce a broad range of transfer ribbons:

Wax ribbons, for most jobs to be printed on ordinary paper labels (vellum, coated etc.).

Wax/resin and wax/resin “Near Edge” ribbons for the many occasions when customers have higher requirements for durability of print on ordinary paper labels (vellum, coated etc.), ideal for synthetic labels such as PE, PP and PVC. Resin ribbons are ideal for all labels where maximum print durability is required. The ribbon is based on a 4.6 micron polyester ribbon, which is silicone-treated to become antistatic and able to resist temperatures up to 300°C.  We stock all ribbon qualities in standard dimensions, and can cut transfer ribbons to size.

LIMO LABELS is the exclusive dealer for ITWs ribbon range in Scandinavia. We offer high quality ribbons at competitive prices, backed by fast delivery. Contact us for more details and advice!