LIMO LABELS helps you get a good start

All printed labels start with a design

The best design for a label can turn out a big disappointment if not optimized for the printing process. LIMO LABELS’ prepress department can help you with this and much more.

LIMO LABELS’ prepress department consists of four people, working to ensure that your design is consistent with your expectations, and reaches the presses safely.

We can help you with design and artwork either through our own resources or through our network of specialists in packaging design.

If you or your advertising agency have created the files, the prepress department will ensure their optimization for the printing method in question. Just send us a PDF, we’ll take care of the rest.

The main tasks in prepress are:

  • Advice and support on technical specifications for file formats, etc.
  • Development of design, artwork or versions of a predefined design line
  • Updates of existing labels
  • Proof, either via PDF, match print, or test print
  • Preparation of jobs relative to printing method
  • Ordering of frames, clichés, etc.